The Fortune Teller

Founding Date

The Fortune Teller has many years of working within the private banking, wealth management, and asset management arenas. The firm focuses on the long run and employs a buy and hold strategy in advising and consulting to private individuals. TFT represents a business that is mostly focused on portfolio management and asset management. It is also occasionally getting involved in real estate and start-up investments.

  • The Fortune Teller is a notorious contributor to Seeking Alpha and a top blogger according to TipRanks.
  • It is the leading moderator of two services on Seeking Alpha: Wheel of Fortune and Macro Trading Factory.
  • TFT normally take long-naked positions in managing risk. It plays defense too, by occasionally hedging its positions, in order to protect the downside. 
  • It covers all asset-classes by mostly focusing on cash cows and high dividend-paying machines that may generate high returns: interest-sensitive, income-generating, instruments combined with a variety of high-risk, growth, and value stocks.