Founding Date

Techonomy is a conference and media company that broadly focuses on technology, business and society. Combining “technology” and “economy” to suggest that technology is entwined with society, the company seeks conversation at the highest level about the potential for technology and business to drive social progress. Techonomy convenes communities by hosting conferences, publishing articles and videos, and working with partners in various ways to explore the pace of change, and what it means. Techonomy hosts an annual multidisciplinary retreat for leaders, and publishes articles and videos to help leaders and companies understand the changes wrought by tech.


  • Techonomy Media hosts conferences and dinners and publishes editorial content, including video journalism.

  • It casts its lens broadly across business and society in order to highlight and explore the manifold ways in which tech’s impact is felt.

  • Techonomy organizes the annual invitation-only thought leadership Techonomy conference, which focuses on how the accelerating advancement of technology is transforming business and can help address the world's pressing needs.