Solus Alternative Asset Management

Solus Alternative Asset Management is a registered investment advisor that invests in event-driven, distressed, and special situation opportunities. It accommodates continual repositioning of its portfolio to capitalize on the most compelling risk-adjusted investment opportunities. Emphasis is placed on value creation, alpha generation, and low correlation to primary asset classes.


Event-Driven Distressed Strategies

Solus invests both long and short across the entire capital structure. Investments are primarily in the U.S. and European marketplace and include high yield bank loans and bonds, trade claims, and equity.

Single Opportunity Strategies

When Solus identifies a focused investment opportunity that can be exploited, the Firm will create single opportunity solutions. These solutions seek to provide investors with a concentrated portfolio of assets, generally based on idiosyncratic value drivers and therefore returns are uncorrelated to major market indices

Long-Only Strategy

Solus underwrites each investment based on solid asset coverage, substantial free cash flow, management, capital markets options, and risk-adjusted returns. The strategy is not constrained by a formulaic approach based on benchmarking, industry diversification, ratings, or deal size.

Strategic Relationships

Solus provides institutional investors with customized programs that capitalize on a wide range of strategic opportunities supported by Solus' integrated investment and operational capabilities.

Assets under management: $4.1 billion (as of March 2021)