Sky View Trading

Founding Date

Sky View Trading is a financial education and investment advisory service that specializes in options trading. Sky View is a popular choice for options traders of all experience levels, offering strategies and the mindset required to trade successfully over the long term. It offers a variety of educational resources that can help traders learn and improve their skills. By combining top-notch education with proprietary software, they provide a perfect balance of “learning while doing” to provide members access to reach their goals of early retirement, income generation, financial freedom and increased stability. Sky View Trading has constructed and tested strategies for all account sizes and skill levels including aspiring new traders to more advanced traders with seven-figure portfolios.


  • The company was founded by Adam Thomas and Eli Grelecki, two experienced options traders.

  • From the get-go, they made it their mission to help their members make consistent earnings each month by teaching them the ins and outs of options trading.

  • They started out by making YouTube options trading videos and currently have over 100,000 subscribers.

  • Rather than directional betting with options, the site focuses on generating consistent income with various spread-based strategies.

Sky View Trading empowers the DIY investor through:

  • Industry-leading Education. Top-notch education with proprietary software. A perfect balance of "learning while doing."

  • Support and Mentorship. Trading coaches that combine "knowing how to do something" and "teaching how to do something."

  • Thriving Community. People who are striving to achieve the same goal is the most effective way to achieve YOUR goals.

What does Sky View Trading offer? 

  1. The Elite Membership. The most comprehensive membership level and includes access to all of Sky View Trading's resources: 

  • Trading course

  • Trade alerts

  • Trader chatroom

  • Live trade recordings

  • Tradeeview videos

  • Learn thinkorswim

  • Answer database

  • Outstanding report

  • The Elite Membership is available on a monthly or annual basis.

  1. The Alerts Membership. It includes access to Sky View Trading's trade alerts services:

  • Tradelerts

  • Current positions

  • Outstanding support

  • The Alerts Membership is available on a monthly or annual basis.