Roundhill Investments

Founding Date

Roundhill Investments is a registered investment advisor and leading ETF sponsor with a focus on thematic and sector-specific investing. Built on the primary principles of investor education, open communication, and full transparency, Roundhill creates cutting edge investment products geared towards helping investors express their vision of the future. The firm creates thoughtful investment products designed to assist investors in expressing their vision of the future, enabling retail and institutional investors to diversify their portfolios by gaining exposure to innovative investment themes.


  • Roundhill provides investment advisory services that offers investors targeted, pure-play exposure to the investment themes of tomorrow.

  • In addition to a focus on thoughtful fund construction, Roundhill emphasizes providing investors with educational content and resources. 

  • The firm is built on the primary tenets of investor education, full transparency and open communication.

  • Their current research focuses on cannabis, gaming, metaverse, e-sports, and the digital infrastructure, among others.