Will Hershey

Will Hershey

Formal First Name
William (Will)

Will Hershey is the Co-founder and CEO of Roundhill Investments, a leading ETF sponsor with a focus on thematic and sector-specific investing. In his roles, Will is responsible for the company’s indexing, research, and product development efforts, in addition to firm-level partnerships and operations. Prior to launching Roundhill in 2018, he served as the Head Trader at Yorkville Capital Management, an RiA dedicated to investing in master limited partnerships. He was also an analyst at Yorkville ETF Advisors, where he was instrumental in the creation and growth of two NYSE-listed ETFs.

Professional Experience

Academic History


  • Roundhill creates cutting edge investment products geared towards helping investors express their vision of the future.

  • The firm is built on the primary principles of investor education, open communication, and full transparency.

  • The firm is focused on thoughtful construction, providing investors with educational content and resources.

  • Their current research focuses on cannabis, gaming, metaverse, e-sports, and the digital infrastructure, among others.