Riverwater Partners

Riverwater Partners is the largest fully dedicated manager of socially responsible investments in Wisconsin, serving families, consultants, financial advisors, and foundations. It applies ESG criteria as it builds value-oriented portfolios of small, mid, and large-sized companies. Riverwater seeks to achieve superior returns through value investing while also generating positive impacts on society.


Wealth Management

Riverwater delivers a tailored client experience designed to grow and protect wealth. It helps clients develop a plan that supports their financial goals, whether they are buying their first home, saving for college, or retirement planning.

Asset Management

Riverwater offers customizable tax-efficient ESG separate account strategies. It applies a value-oriented approach to ESG investing using a disciplined research process, the Three Pillar Approach.®

Investment Advisory

Riverwater serves as a fiduciary for foundations, non-profits, institutions, and plan sponsors. It helps institutions navigate the investment landscape, all through a socially responsible ESG lens.