Reynders, McVeigh Capital Management

Reynders, McVeigh
Founding Date

Reynders, McVeigh is an established investment advisory firm focused on creating bespoke portfolios of socially progressive investments. The firm builds and maintains a financial plan and sustainable investment strategy based on sound fundamentals to meet specific risk, return, and income needs. It provides investment guidance to a broad range of clients, including individuals, family offices, endowments, foundations, retirement plans, and trust departments.


Investment and Portfolio Management

Reynders, McVeigh looks for sustainable growth opportunities domestically and abroad by analyzing prospective investments over a three-to-five-year timeframe.

Equity Management

Reynders, McVeigh is an active investor looking for low-debt companies with progressive management teams in industries with consistent or growing demand.

Fixed Income Management

The fixed income component of balanced portfolios is actively managed to provide assured income and stability in the investment mix. 

Risk Management

Through the proper integration of ESG analysis, Reynders, McVeigh gains better insight into how each prospective investment will fare across a range of economic scenarios.

Financial Planning

Reynders, McVeigh develops a thoughtful, personalized financial plan that recognizes the values you live by and the legacy you want to leave behind.

Stewardship and Administration

Reynders, McVeigh takes care of your assets, maintains your privacy, and manages your assets according to your wishes, ensuring you and your beneficiaries achieve your collective goals.