Reabold Resources

Founding Date

Reabold Resources is an investment firm that invests in short-term, high growth upstream oil and gas projects where an injection of its capital facilitates near-term activity. It focuses on generating returns through investment in low-risk oil and gas projects with a high potential upside. Each investment Reabold makes must have a low drilling risk, near term drilling program, and a clear exit strategy, minimizing cost exposure.



Reabold exclusively invests in projects that are substantially de-risked from a technical perspective. Each project must have existing regional production and historic discovery wells nearby or on the asset.


Reabold seeks robust, fast cycle projects that require low capital expenditure and have limited geopolitical risks.

Investment Returns

Before investing a project must demonstrate the potential to deliver high returns over a short time frame and the opportunity to scale up and increase project returns beyond our initial project period.


In order to maximize the return profile, identifying the optimal time to exit a project is critical to Reabold’s strategy. 

Unlocking Value in the E&P cycle

Reabold offers investors the opportunity to focus on the “Appraisal” part of the value chain of an upstream oil & gas project.