Radiant Energy Group

Founding Date

Radiant Energy Group is committed to providing leaders with the data-driven insights and roadmaps they need to bring about a low-carbon, high-energy future. Radiant Energy Group advises governments, nonprofits, and the industry about nuclear energy. The company understands that the clean-energy industry will need new, empirically-driven communication strategies that allow skeptical stakeholders to engage on the issues of cost, reliability and environmental impact.


  • CEO Advisory — An independent and confidential sounding board and consultant

  • Data Insight — Analyze and visualize data to drive understanding and support communications

  • Communications — Engage with the media on business, policy and crisis issues

  • Risk Advisory — Identify and mitigate potential risks, threats and vulnerabilities

  • Growth Creation — Target areas of strategic Growth potential

  • Sustainability Consulting — Optimize operations to lower social and environmental impacts