PWL Capital

PWL Capital offers a full range of investment management and financial planning services for high-net-worth clients. It is an established independent wealth management boutique serving Canada's most discerning individuals and families based on time-tested institutional investment principles and proven academic insights.


Financial Planning

PWL Capital integrates your investment strategy with all other aspects of your financial life and prepare a holistic, customized plan that covers all parts of your finances.

Portfolio Management

PWL Capital follows evidence-based investing practices, as it’s centered around benefitting from the market’s rate of return by constructing well-diversified portfolios that mirror an index.

Legacy Planning & Management

PWL Capital ensures all family members understand their roles and responsibilities and pay particular attention to informing younger family members about investing and financial planning to prepare them for their future roles.

  • Cross-Country Services
  • Governance and Education
  • Legacy Planning and Management - Trusts
  • Philanthropic Strategy