Province is a leading financial advisory firm focused on corporate and creditor advisory, forensic and dispute resolutions, and trustee-related services. The firm generates exceptional value to debtors, trustees, and creditor committees across a broad array of sectors by providing solutions to some of the most complex business challenges imaginable. It provides creative, pragmatic solutions that generate optimal outcomes amid some of the most complicated circumstances.


Corporate Advisory

Province executes business transformation projects to efficiently accomplish long-term strategic goals with minimal disruption. It provides tailored and effective solutions to drive revenue, reduce costs and improve profitability. It assists management in stabilizing cashflows, identifying key issues and high-impact solutions while providing stakeholders with comfort that value is being protected and enhanced.

Creditor Advisory

Province advises lenders and unsecured creditors of distressed borrowers with industry-specific and situational analyses regarding market opportunity, management effectiveness, business viability, and valuation in order to reality-check borrower plans and to influence outcomes. It offers comprehensive due diligence, sensitivity modeling, capital structure advice, and risk/return analyses. 

Forensic and Dispute Resolution

Province affirmatively addresses the claims reconciliation process, effectively markets and liquidates assets, analyzes and prosecutes preference recovery avenues and cash on hand to realize for its constituents the highest recovery value for stakeholders and beneficiaries.

Trustee and Fiduciary

Province has testified in courts across the country in commercial disputes and bankruptcy-related litigation. It is a complex case expert at identifying strengths and weaknesses, analyzing damages and theories, critiquing opposing arguments, preparing explanatory presentations, and providing persuasive witness testimony.