Pavilion Global Markets

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Pavilion Global Markets is a global financial firm that offers securities trading, global macro research, and transition management services to institutional investors. It brings industry-leading capabilities to the table including specialized investment research and analysis, a top-ranking global trading desk, and updated technology to help institutional clients around the world excel in the capital markets.


Securities Trading

With trading volumes of $70 billion annually, PGM is known for advanced execution capabilities. Its global trading desk operates 24-hours, five days a week, and successfully deals in all investment types, including equities, options, fixed income and currency. It uses a combination of cutting-edge technology and sophisticated trading algorithms.

PGM cuts through the noise to provide clients with fact-based analysis that is integrated, tactical, and focused. Its in-depth global macro research is designed to expertly inform and guide a cross-section of investment professionals.

Transition Management

PGM helps clients move their current portfolio structure to the desired portfolio structure in the most efficient manner and at the least overall cost to the plan. It utilizes its 24-hour, agency-only, global trading desk to effectively and efficiently transition clients’ assets, and leverage PGM’s broker and investment manager network as a source of liquidity.