Founding Date

OMEGA.xyz is a Web3 protocol that empowers users to borrow and lend against digital assets to create the most capital efficient way to enhance their yield. The company aims to bridge the gap between traditional finance and decentralized finance by creating a secure and compliant platform for institutional investors through on-chain DeFi opportunities in an over-collateralized and secure manner. It enables the cross-collateralization of assets at qualified custodians, digital primes, and traditional prime brokers, enabling users to collateralize and leverage assets through permissionless on-chain smart contracts.


  • OMEGA.xyz is building a system where institutions can use different assets from various sources as collateral for loans, maximizing their efficiency.

  • The company leverages the benefits of permissionless DeFi while maintaining On-Chain security for transparency and trust.

  • The company emphasized over-collateralization of loans, minimizing risk and ensuring stability.


  • Cross-Collateralization.

    Institutions can use various assets from different sources as collateral, maximizing their borrowing capacity and capital efficiency.

  • Permissionless Access.

    OMEGA.xyz operates as a permissionless platform, allowing any qualified institution to participate in the credit pools and DeFi activities.

  • On-Chain Transparency.

    All transactions and data are stored on the blockchain, providing transparency and security for users.

  • Risk Management.

    OMEGA.xyz uses over-collateralization and advanced risk management tools to mitigate risks and ensure the stability of the credit pools.

  • Modular Architecture.

    Their architecture allows for future integrations with other DeFi protocols and services, providing greater flexibility and functionality.


  • Credit Pools.

    It acts as a facilitator, creating credit pools where institutions can deposit their assets as collateral and borrow against them.

  • Liquidity Provision.

    The company provides liquidity to DeFi protocols, enabling institutions to participate in DeFi activities and earn yields on their assets.

  • On-Chain Derivatives.

    The company plans to offer on-chain derivatives like options and futures, allowing institutions to hedge their exposure and manage risk within the DeFi ecosystem.

  • Compliance Management.

    The company emphasizes compliance with regulations, ensuring institutions can utilize DeFi opportunities while adhering to relevant financial regulations.