Wes Cowan

Wes Cowan

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Wes Cowan is the Co-Founder and CEO of, a Web3 protocol that empowers users to borrow and lend against digital assets to create the most capital efficient way to enhance their yield. Cowan is a prominent figure in the Web3 space with significant experience in the digital asset and blockchain industry. Previously, he served as Managing Director of DeFi at Valkyrie, a specialized alternative asset management firm operating in the cryptocurrency sector. He also co-founded On Chain Partners, a decentralized investments and software development company, where he led the development of DeFi valuation and yield aggregation software prior to its merger with Valkyrie. Prior to joining the blockchain sector, he was working in institutional finance as a Principal at JPMorgan, leading a team managing over $800 Million of investment assets.

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  • creates a secure and compliant platform for institutional investors through on-chain DeFi opportunities in an over-collateralized and secure manner.

  • It enables the cross-collateralization of assets at qualified custodians, digital primes, and traditional prime brokers, enabling users to collateralize and leverage assets through permissionless on-chain smart contracts.

  • leverages the benefits of permissionless DeFi while maintaining On-Chain security for transparency and trust. The company emphasizes over-collateralization of loans, minimizing risk and ensuring stability.


  • Cowan co-founded the Valkyrie On-Chain DeFi Fund, one of the first fully On-Chain institutional DeFi funds.

  • He served as the Founder and Chairman of, a full-service digital and blockchain agency.

  • He led in providing services in digital media, solidity, software development and senior consulting.

  • He also served as Chairman of the Board at Quantum Development, focusing on research, development and launch of automated internet-based companies in various markets.