Monarch Alternative Capital

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Monarch Alternative Capital is a private investment firm that focuses primarily on the debt of distressed and bankrupt companies. An established and recognized distressed debt firm, Monarch has built an industry-leading distressed debt research effort focused on the United States and Europe. Its flexible and opportunistic approach to investing in the distressed debt asset class and commitment to being active in many of its investments is core to the firm's strategy.


Research-Driven Approach

Monarch invests on a bottom-up basis, selecting what is believed to be the most attractive distressed debt opportunities at a given time. It builds a portfolio based on rigorous analysis of each individual investment, rather than a broad view of market factors.

Active Distressed Debt Investing

Monarch's strategy is event-driven and near-term catalysts, primarily the completion of a debt restructuring process, covenant defaults, or upcoming maturities are critical for Monarch to make an investment.

Flexible and Opportunistic Mandate

Monarch invests across different sized capital structures, geographies, and industries. Its primary focus on investments in small to mid-sized capital structures allows it to acquire meaningful positions and thus pursue its activist approach.

Risk Management

The core of its strategy is to pursue investments in quality companies or assets that are hampered by capital structure stress and to reduce risk by focusing on investments in senior and senior secured debt while maintaining the flexibility to invest throughout the capital structure.

Assets under management: $8.7 billion (as of December 31, 2020)