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Masterworks is the very first company to allow investors to buy and trade shares in multi-million dollar masterpieces created by world-renowned artists like Picasso, Monet, and Warhol. It utilizes a proprietary data set to understand which artist markets are accelerating the most quickly and provides the best risk-adjusted returns. Masterworks then locates and chooses the best example available by value to offer to its members.


Masterworks finds the best artists

The research uses proprietary data to determine which artist markets have the most momentum and are believed to produce the best risk-adjusted returns.

Masterworks purchase the best art

The acquisitions team locates the best example available, at the best price, and purchases the work.

Masterworks securitizes the artwork

The company files an offering circular with the Securities and Exchange Commission allowing anyone to invest.

Masterworks holds the artwork for 3 to 10 years

Wait until MasterworksĀ sell the painting to receive your pro-rata proceeds, after fees.

Sell shares on the secondary market

You have the option to sell your shares in the secondary market.