Mastercard Data & Services

Mastercard Data & Services is the professional services arm of Mastercard, focused on driving value beyond the transaction. D&S offers real-time, anonymized and aggregated transaction data, powerful software platforms and wealth of expertise, empowering customers to discover new insights, recommend targeted actions, improve performance over time and execute campaigns at scale. D&S provides customers across industries and geographies with a tailored portfolio of solutions to address their pain points. The company’s experts globally work with nearly 4,000 clients in over 120 countries.It offers solutions that cover the hyper-personalized loyalty programs, product prototyping, end-to-end marketing solutions, amongst others.


  • 3,900+ Clients in 120+ Countries

  • 125B+ Purchase Transactions

  • 600+ Solutions Patented

  • 80M+ Merchant Locations


  • Consumer Engagement & Loyalty

  • Crypto & Digital Currencies

  • Cybersecurity & Risk

  • Data Strategy & Analytics

  • Digital Innovation & Transformation

  • Environmental, Social and Governance

  • Implementation & Deployment

  • Open Banking, Open Data

  • Payments