Founding Date

Maelstrom is a founder-led, early-stage investment fund run by the family office of Arthur Hayes, co-founder and former CEO of cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform BitMEX. The fund is building a long-term portfolio of infrastructure companies that will serve as the foundation of the next wave of trustless decentralization. The fund typically targets venture-stage investments between $100K – $250K and brings differentiated value to cap tables.



  • Obol. Decentralizing single points of failure in proof-of-stake networks. 

  • Hyperline. Lowering cost barriers to producing next-generation, data-powered products for Web3.

  • Aethir. Breaking the real-time rendering bottleneck facing streamed gaming content in hardware constrained – but high-growth – markets.

  • Auki. Solving limitations of existing geospatial positioning and AR technologies.

  • Nillion. Breaking the speed-barrier of legacy ‘secure multi-party computation’ technology.

  • Ether.fi. Pioneering genuinely trustless delegated node operation.

  • Quasar. Breaking down digital asset liquidity silos with noncustodial, interchain decentralized finance.

  • Noxx. Unleashing the future of work with zkp-based payroll/compliance infrastructure.

  • Term. Bringing institutional-grade scalability and usability to DeFi fixed-rate lending.

  • Rated. Underpinning a generation of new staking business models with mission-critical observability for node operations.

  • Ion Protocol. Dramatically expanding use cases, liquidity and capital efficiency of non fungible staked/restaked ETH assets.

  • Pendle. Unleashing the potential of the interest rate derivative market in cryptocurrency.