Macroclimate® is a leading impact investment firm that prides itself on providing consistent and reliable services. The company uses secure cutting-edge web technology to automate service delivery for client convenience, lower cost, faster response, and improved learning and understanding of core investment concepts and trade-offs for better decision making.


Wealth Management

Macroclimate® offers comprehensive fee-only services that cover the development of portfolio policies and asset allocation plans, ongoing research and analysis, and day-to-day management and execution of individual investment portfolios.

Donor-Advised Funds

In partnership with American Endowment Foundation and TD Ameritrade Institutional, Macroclimate® offers donor-advised funds for charitable giving.

IRA or 401(K) Rollover

If you have one or more retirement accounts at different institutions, consider consolidating your assets with a 401k rollover to a Macroclimate® Fossil Free IRA and make managing your retirement easier and more convenient.

529 College Savings

Macroclimate® offers 529 College Savings Plans for your children or grandchildren using Dimensional mutual funds.