Founding Date

Particle aims to revolutionize the way people own, collect, experience, and enjoy art masterpieces. An entity with deep roots in the worlds of art and technology, Particle combines the best of art and blockchain expertise to build a platform that gives everyone the opportunity to own some of the greatest masterpieces through collective participation in the art market. The platform is pioneering a unique approach to digitization that allows art to be enhanced and protected as it enters the digital realm. Particle collectors receive exclusive benefits such as digital ownership, physical and metaverse museum access, participation in expert lectures, and a voice in the governance of the Particle Foundation.


  • Buy and collect Particles of multimillion-dollar masterpieces.

  • Build and curate your fine art collection.

  • Openly trade Particles on the Secondary Market.

  • Collectively govern and help shape the greatest community-owned fine art collection in the world.