Jabre Capital Partners

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Jabre Capital Partners is a leading multi-strategy firm that offers a wide variety of investment management services, counsel, and products to investment funds, investment companies, and high net-worth individuals. It manages a range of funds across strategies including long convertible, convertible arbitrage, long-short equity, high yield fixed income, and emerging markets. These funds earned numerous industry awards over the years.


Convertible bonds & Fixed Income

The strategy aims to combine bottom-up security selection with a macro asset allocation and focuses on active and discretionary portfolio management techniques with the aim of identifying and capturing valuation anomalies while keeping a high degree of portfolio diversification.

Innovation & Sustainability Equity

The strategy uses a sustainability lens to analyze the technology opportunities, only investing in companies that demonstrate the required responsibility from an Environmental, Social, and Governance angle. The strategy invests globally, with a focus on midcap equity in Europe and America. 

Global opportunities

The strategy combines a top-down approach to portfolio construction, with fundamental analysis and a rigorous investment and risk management process aimed at identifying best-in-class investment ideas across multiple sectors.