Hightower Bethesda

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Hightower Bethesda is a private wealth management firm that is relentlessly focused on generating great risk-adjusted returns. It protects clients’ capital while growing their investments through steady rates of return. HTD does this by allocating a meaningful amount of its client’s portfolios to alternative investments. Most of the alternative investments have a low correlation to traditional investments—equities and bonds.


High Net Worth Individuals and Families

From wealth transfer and educating the next generation, to retirement planning and new business ventures, HTD focuses on optimizing your wealth and preserving your legacy.

High-Income Earners

Your greatest asset right now is your earnings potential. HTD helps you balance other lifestyle choices and find the right mix of savings and spending. 

Business Owners & Partners

Learn how HTD can sharpen your focus on the future with strategic consultation, personalized investment solutions, and long-term planning.

Corporate Executives

To be successful in business, you need a strong plan with the experience to manage financial goals and investment considerations. As CFO, Hightower Bethesda will help you manage your finances today.