Hewes Communications

Founding Date

Hewes Communications has more than 20 years of experience providing media relations services and communications consulting to some of the world’s leading investment managers. Since 1993, Hewes has helped asset management firms raise their visibility in the financial media, hone their content strategy, and communicate their unique value proposition to advisors, institutional investors, retail investors, and industry groups. The firm helps build reputations over the long term by creating valuable relationships and helping clients communicate effectively with their target audiences. With Hewes Communications’ public relations services, clients can get help in growing and maintaining their assets, educating other investors about the client’s approach, and improving their communication.

  • Hewes Communications believes that reputation provides a durable competitive advantage.

  • Among financial media, Hewes is known for the outstanding performance and intellectual quality of its clients.

  • Hewes professionals are highly knowledgeable about every aspect of the asset management industry, and have contacts within the financial media that are second to none.

  • The firm helps clients establish and maintain leadership positions by building visibility, demonstrating intellectual capital and strengthening reputations.

  • The business provides media relations services as well as communications consulting to its clients and assists them in establishing a presence in the investment media.

  • The firm does this by showcasing the client’s unique investing insights, brand, and spokespeople to the press, to influencers, advisors, and investors.

Hewes Communications helps its clients grow and thrive by:

  • Developing specifically tailored strategic media campaigns

  • Developing new opportunities

  • Reaching new investors, advisors, audiences, and more

  • Helping in content creation, media training, and overall excellent financial communications