Founding Date

Hashnote is the first fully regulated, institutional-grade investment management platform for decentralized finance. A compliance-driven platform, Hashnote simplifies the complexities of DeFi while ensuring secure, verified transactions with every counterparty. It provides full-service support, zero counterparty risk, and customizable risk/reward strategies, representing the best of both traditional and decentralized finance. The platform offers full regulatory and KYC/AML compliance for a range of investment structures including yield generation, downside protection, and leveraged upside products. Hashnote is the first incubated company launched by Cumberland Labs, a Web3 incubator backed by partners of DRW and Cumberland Advisors.


  • Hashnote provides a single point of entry for investors to access a variety of DeFi products and services, without having to worry about the complexities of managing their own wallets and interacting with different protocols.

  • It combines the familiarity and regulatory compliance of existing traditional finance fund infrastructure with on-chain transparency and security, while simplifying the complexities of DeFi. 

  • It also provides its users with real-time visibility into their portfolio performance and risk exposure.


  • Fully Regulated.

    At Hashnote regulatory compliance comes first. Regulated by the CFTC as a CPO in the US and CIMA, internationally.

  • Institutional Grade.

    Built & managed by experienced finance and financial technology professionals.

  • KYC/AML.

    Their permissioned smart contracts approach means every transaction is done with a KYCed counterparty.

  • On-Chain Transparency.

    All non-fiat transactions of your assets are viewable and verifiable on-chain.

  • Customizable.

    Create a bespoke risk reward profile that fits your DeFi investment objectives.

  • Full-Service.

    Hashnote professionals abstract the complexities of interacting with DeFi.

  • Minimized Counterparty Risk.

    Their smart contracts manage collateral for both sides of the trade, minimizing the risk of a counterparty default.

  • Dedicated Support.

    Hashnote provides 24/7 phone support with a knowledgeable product manager.

  • API & Reporting.

    Integrate & reconcile with your existing back-office.


  • Yield Generation.

    Earn yields with or without directional exposure.

  • Protecting Downside.

    Hedge downside risk in any cryptocurrency asset you own.

  • Crypto Skeptic.

    Profit from the collapse of crypto.

  • Structured Credit.

    Earn yield with on-chain structured products, benefiting from the efficiency of blockchain technology.

  • Create your own Crypto Index.

    Codify a directional bias towards a segment of crypto.