Haidar Capital Management

Haidar Capital is a discretionary global macro hedge fund using catalyst-driven, opportunistic strategies. It targets absolute returns, with an asymmetric upside and little or no correlation to systematic risk factors. To achieve this, Haidar identifies repeatable trades around various financial market events, including government bond auctions and syndications and foreign exchange movements driven by changing interest rate differentials.

  • Haidar Capital applies its unique approach to global macro investing by utilizing opportunistic trading strategies.
  • It offers a high degree of liquidity to investors by investing in a wide range of liquid securities.
  • Investing in highly liquid securities affords the firm the flexibility to react quickly and capitalize on market opportunities as they present themselves.
  • It continuously seeks to adapt to changing financial market conditions and bases its positioning on the firm’s global view of economic data, geopolitical risks, and fiscal and monetary policies.