Fundamental Global®

Fundamental Global is a privately-owned investment management firm that focuses on equity, fixed income, and alternative funds and strategies. The firm uniquely balances fundamental research, portfolio diversification, and investment experience to drive long-term value for shareholders, investors, and institutions.


  1. Focus on fundamental research as a key part of the company's long-term success
  2. Build for the future and consider this in every business decision.
  3. Manage lives responsibly so that nothing weighs on the ability to run the business for the long-run.
  4. Develop a client base that is investing over the long-run.
  5. Value integrity, character, and intellectual honesty in all the employees and business partners.
  6. Keep investment strategies reasonably sized to maximize returns.
  7. Invest capital alongside clients’ capital.
  8. Instill a culture of compliance and follow all applicable laws and regulations.
  9. Seek to avoid situations that do not have a margin of safety.
  10. Maintain a well-balanced culture so that working at fundamental global is fun.