EOS Network Foundation

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The EOS Network Foundation is a force for positive global change, charting a coordinated future for the EOS Network through decentralization and community. With the belief that decentralized technologies are the future, the foundation is committed to unlocking the full potential of the EOS blockchain to drive innovation, create new possibilities and empower individuals and communities.


  • Network Development: Encouraging the growth and development of network projects, entities, and creators.

  • Coordinating Support: Coordinating financial and non-financial forms of support from a bird's-eye-view.

  • Feedback Loops: Creating positive feedback loops between products for further innovation.

  • Community Involvement: Prioritizing and realizing community involvement in the network's growth.

  • Allocating Funding: Identifying fruitful investment opportunities and allocating funding.

  • Facilitating growth: Providing a fresh start and facilitating a thriving future for the EOS ecosystem.