Endowment Wealth Management

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Endowment Wealth Management is a multi-family office that provides high net worth clients with a variety of personal and business related fee-based professional wealth management services. Founded in 1996, EWM adopts an endowment-style investment philosophy and utilizes both liquid or illiquid alternative investments, or a hybrid combination of the two, within client portfolios. The firm manages investments for a series of private funds that pursue co-investments, private equity, venture capital (primarily late stage), growth and real estate funds. EWM offers a range of professional services including financial and investment planning, retirement planning, estate and tax planning, and 401k retirement plans.

Endowment Wealth Management is:

  • A Registered Investment Adviser and not commissioned stockbrokers selling products

  • A fee-only independent fiduciary focused on creating sustainable family wealth

  • Implements three dimensional EWM Philosophy® similar to what is used by most major Universities, Foundations and Institutional Investors

  • Focuses first on protecting the family’s multi-generational human capital, and family members

Their  professional team manages all clients' unique advanced planning concerns, that include:

  • 1. Wealth Enhancement

  • 2. Wealth Transfer

  • 3. Wealth Protection

  • 4. Charitable Giving