Dynamo Software

Founding Date

Dynamo Software has offered industry-tailored, highly configurable investment management, reporting and data management solutions across the global alternative investment industry since 1998. Providing solutions for front, middle and back office challenges, users can automate data and document collection, report and analyze portfolio performance, store due diligence information, and reconcile with service providers. The Dynamo™ software platform has improved the productivity of fundraising, deal, research, investor relationship, and portfolio management teams worldwide, while providing innovative solutions to facilitate data exchange between partnerships. Dynamo streamlines operations and investment processes for endowments, foundations, pensions, OCIOs, private equity and venture capital funds, real estate investment firms, hedge funds, prime brokers, fund administrators, funds of funds, and family offices.

  • Dynamo Software is the leading end-to-end cloud platform for the alternatives ecosystem.

  • Their advanced CRM’s fundraising, deal management, research management, and investor relations functionalities allow teams to better communicate.

  • Dynamo also offers its institutional investors an outsourced data collection service, HoldingsInsight, freeing staff to focus on analysis and allocation decisions instead of manual data entry.

Dynamo's Performance in Numbers

  • 20+ Years

  • 1,000 + Global Clients

  • $5T+ Client AUM

Dynamo Markets

  • Private Equity

  • Venture Capital

  • Real Estate

  • Hedge Fund

  • Mergers & Acquisitions, Investment Banking & Corporate Development

  • Endowments, Foundations, Pensions & Insurance

  • Funds of Funds

  • Family Offices

  • Cap Intro, Prime Brokerage, Fund Admin

Dynamo Solutions

  1. Front Office

  • Deal Management

  • Research Management

  • Manager Tracking & Due Diligence

  • Multi-Asset Class Portfolio Management

  • Fundraising & Marketing

  • Investor Relationship Management

  • Investor Portal – Investor Relations

  • Investor Portal – Fundraising

  1. Back Office

  • Portfolio Monitoring & Valuations

  • Partnership Accounting

  • Data Collection & Normalization

  • Reporting

  1. Front to Back

  • Workflow Automation

  • Compliance

  • Dynamo Mobile