Dorr Asset Management

Dorr Asset Management is an investment management and advisory firm focused on global macroeconomics. It follows a top-down analytical approach to understand today’s complex investment landscape across multiple asset classes. The firm has built its reputation among discerning families for creating proprietary solutions to maintain privacy and maximize global tax efficiency.


Investment Management

Dorr Asset's investment strategy is exclusively driven by global macroeconomics. It makes investment decisions based on numerous factors such as foreign policy, global interest rates, energy prices, and many other global data inputs.

Cross-Border Structuring

Dorr Asset helps clients navigate complex cross-border issues related to their investment portfolios. It designs innovative structures to protect assets and improve cost efficiencies for investments that span multiple jurisdictions.

Sovereign Advisory

Dorr Asset has spent over 20 years analyzing various macroeconomic policies while placing capital at risk based on the firm's predictive outcome modeling.