DeFi Technologies

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DeFi Technologies bridges the gap between traditional capital markets and decentralized finance. DeFi is the only publicly-traded company built to give investors direct exposure to the booming decentralized finance market, identifying opportunities and areas of innovation. Building and investing in new technologies and ventures in order to provide trusted, diversified exposure across the decentralized finance ecosystem, the company focuses on the enhancement of shareholder value through various investments, including the acquisition of DeFi protocols, equity, debt, or other securities of publicly traded or private companies, or other entities. DeFi Technologies operates through three business lines: DeFi Asset Management, DeFi Ventures and DeFi Governance.

DeFi Technologies Three Pillars

  1. DeFi Asset Management

  • Made up of exchange traded products

  • Take a concentrated position in a DeFi product without having to open a crypto account

  1. DeFi Ventures

  • One-click way to get access to a broad base of early-stage DeFi projects

  • Buy shares of DeFi Technologies instead of trying to guess which protocol will make it

  1. DeFi Governance

  • Works with decentralized networks to run independent nodes that validate transactions and provide governance on the network