Curvature Securities

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Curvature Securities is an SEC registered, FINRA-regulated broker-dealer created as a conduit between the inter-dealer securities finance market and clients who have limited access to securities finance. Its sole business is securities financing. Unlike many other banks and broker-dealers, Curvature Securities provide clients access to securities financing with reliable availability of balance sheets. It is a member of the FICC and DTCC, with full repo netting rights. The firm’s unique focus on securities finance ensures that its clients receive the proper guidance they need. The team consists of individuals with over 30 years of experience in the repo market.


  • Curvature Securities has developed a back office that provides real-time processing, customization, and cloud infrastructure for reliability and speed.

  • The firm provides a white label seamless onboarding process and has developed a deep bench of teams with experience in their space.


  • Clearing — Backed by modern technology stack, back-office support, and an experienced equity finance desk. Built to focus on the highest levels of service.

  • Equity Finance — Backed by securities lending professionals with extensive experience from bulge bracket firms across Wall Street.

  • Repo — Serves as a conduit in the inter-dealer securities finance market to provide clients with better access to the repo market.

  • Execution — Provides clients with a full suite of algorithmic and smart order routing services.