Cevian Capital

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Cevian Capital is a global investment firm that acquires significant minority ownership positions in European public companies and employs its expertise to advance long-term and sustainable value creation. The firm's long-term capital base is provided primarily by leading pension funds, endowments, foundations, and sovereign wealth funds. Its current investment fund was launched in 2006 and is an evergreen vehicle.

  • Cevian generally invests in sound companies that are overlooked, misunderstood, or out-of-favor with investors
  • It commonly acts as a reference shareholder, an anchor shareholder, or an external catalyst for change, depending on the situation.
  • It manages a concentrated portfolio of significant minority ownership positions in c. 10-15 publicly-listed companies at a time.
  • It is typically the largest or second-largest owner of its portfolio companies.
  • Its optimal investment size is EUR 500 million to EUR 1.5 billion per company, though larger investments are not excluded.
  • Assets under management: US$16.5 billion (as of January 2021)