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Capitalist Exploits is an independent investment research dedicated to finding global deep value, asymmetric risk/reward investment opportunities. It brings you unique analysis on global macro themes, and tips on how investors can position themselves over the next few years for the asymmetry that exists in today's markets. Through the website, investors can join "Insider"​, a subscription service where you get all the trades Chris Macintosh and his team are participating in, complete with theses and instructions on execution depending on the investor's level of sophistication. Capitalist Exploits currently has more than 20,000 investors and multiple hedge funds and finance managers that provide expert advice on investment. They also provide insider tips as well as calls and signals on international trading.


The Free Resources

  • Paid-for trading newsletter containing educational resources

  • Learn how to create offshore entities and deal with brokers' insights

  • Find readings on internet privacy issues

The Capitalist Exploits Insider

  • Main product of Capitalist Exploits which costs $1999 annually

  • Gain access to trade alerts, insights videos, weekly newsletters

  • Also get investor's forum, and direct contact with multiple investment gurus

The Resources Insider

  • Premium product that costs $3,499 a year

  • Assists affluent investors to invest their wealth in large amounts

  • Gain access to multiple high-end network opportunities

  • Receive Insider ideas and tips as well as direct access to professional gurus