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Blue Harbinger is an investment research and consulting company that employs a disciplined long-term investment strategy that has been proven throughout its history. It focuses on attractive high-income investment opportunities, including dividend stocks, REITs, BDCs, CEFs, income via growth, and alternative fixed-income. Blue Harbinger also provides investment idea reports and market outlook reports and updates.


1. Members-Only Investment Ideas

Blue Harbinger is constantly following the market. It does a lot of analysis and writes a lot of research reports on investment it currently owns or may own in the future.

2. The Income Equity Portfolio: 30 Stocks, 9.0% Yield 

This is a top ideas portfolio designed for investors seeking high current income and powerful long-term total returns.

3. Alternative Fixed Income Portfolio: 15 Top Ideas, 10.1% Yield

This is a top ideas portfolio designed for investors seeking high current income from “non-stock marketinvestments. The strategy uses a combination of fixed income closed-end funds and preferred shares.

4. Income Via Growth Portfolio: 25 Stocks

This top idea portfolio is designed to generate powerful long-term income through price gains. The holdings are categorized into “Steady Growth” and “Pure Growth” ideas.

5. The Contenders List

The Contenders List includes investment opportunities that the firm tracks, but don’t currently own. Recently, there were 60 investments that made it onto the Contenders List, and that is in addition to the 65 investments the firm owns across its investment strategies.

6. The Blue Harbinger Weekly

This is the weekly idea generator and market commentary report. It usually includes updated performance data on each of the firm's individual holdings to help readers understand what has been working and what hasn’t. 

7. Options Trades: Income-Generating (Members-Only)

For members looking for more active income-generating opportunities, Blue Harbinger's options trades offer a diversified source of income that is consistent with its long-term approach to investing

8. Members-Only Comments

The idea is for readers to share feedback, questions, opinions, and concerns that will be beneficial to the group. The Blue Harbinger Weekly is a good place to leave more general investment comments, whereas the Investment Idea articles are better for more specific questions about the specific investment ideas in that particular article.