Bison Interests

Founding Date

Bison Interests is an energy investment firm committed to earning outsized returns for investors. Dedicated to identifying a dislocation in the marketplace and seizing that opportunity, the firm focuses on dislocations in the energy market and identifies areas where there is a disconnect between the share price of a company and its intrinsic value. The firm focuses on publicly traded, small cap, oil producer stocks, as well as invests in undervalued securities with unique catalysts, low debt, proven assets, and exceptional management teams. It screens for proven management teams with a track record of success, and many portfolio companies that are on their 3rd or 4th iterations.


  • Bison's portfolio is modeled after "old school" hedge funds — concentrated and volatile with a focus on maximizing absolute returns.

  • The firm screens for securities with a price low enough to create a substantial margin of safety, over a variety of market conditions.