BBR Partners

BBR Partners is a boutique wealth management firm that grows and preserves wealth by designing highly-customized investment strategies, meticulously bespoke advice, and simplified complexity for a select group of individuals and families. Since its inception, BBR has worked to create peace of mind with clients through deep understanding and the most knowledgeable actions. Their core service is investment management, which is distinguished by a sophisticated approach to asset allocation and manager due diligence. Today, BBR has built an independent model exclusively serving wealthy families at a level of objectivity and customization that hadn't existed before.



  • A Culture of Service. High staff to family ration. Reward collaboration and relentless attention to clients' needs.

  • Focus on Families. Different needs than institutional investors. Deep understanding of dynamics.

  • Intensive Due Diligence. Selective betting of the universe of managers. Very few are chosen and turnover is low.

  • Holistic Offering. Architect of your financial operating system.

  • Independence. Thinking, guidance, and execution. Advice is thoughtful, objective, and empathetic.


  • Customized Investment Management. Relentlessly objective, independent manager of managers, every portfolio is uniquely designed around client needs. 

  • Multidisciplinary Wealth Advisory. With deep insights and a fully integrated approach, BBR creates a holistic offering for wealthy families and individuals.

  • Portfolio Administration & Reporting. Simplifying complexity with clarity and transparency, BBR maintains seamless communication on all aspects of client relationships.