Arca is an institutional-grade investment management firm that offers high-caliber digital assets products using crypto and blockchain technology. It blends the proven attributes of traditional finance with the transparency, immutability, and efficiency of the blockchain to develop financial products that allow investors to seamlessly transition into a new digitally-powered economy.


Experienced Risk Managers

Arca has experience managing money across several different asset classes in volatile markets. Its fundamental risk management philosophy is to look at how low a security can go, and mitigate downside risk.

Global Macro Strategy

Arca analyzes global economic events and asset classes in combination with crypto-specific events. It also looks at emerging markets and trends in the technology sector to identify areas of growth.

Bottom-Up Security Analysis

Arca believes that tokens are both securities and tech products. Its thesis-driven security-by-security analysis includes a thorough technical vetting that evaluates the strength of a protocol and underlying infrastructure.

Institutional Caliber Operations

Arca partners with leading service providers to ensure that it has the procedures in place to protect and secure investors' cryptocurrency assets. It adheres to the strictest security, custodial, and regulatory standards.