Alt Tab Capital

Alt Tab Capital is a crypto-native hedge fund specializing in high quality decentralized finance strategies that have outperformed in bull and bear times. With the ability to pivot quickly and follow multiple trends, the company’s expert fundamental analysis of the crypto space allows clients to identify important macro trends ahead of the broader market. The company consists of highly skilled technology professionals that integrate complementary leadership, collaborative analysis and a shared passion for capturing value in the crypto space. In terms of cryptocurrency, Alt Tab Capital constantly stays ahead of both bull and bear market trends in various themes such as Digital Gold, Smart contracts, Dapps, Defi, NFTs, Meme coins and others.


  • Alt Tab understands every aspect of blockchain technology and how value is created, or diminished, throughout the crypto ecosystem.

  • The company has developed a differentiated crypto investment program designed to generate outsized investment returns while minimizing risk.

  • The company uses proprietary algorithms and techniques to create a multi-strategy approach that combines long-term holding, DeFi yield farming, and short term trading.