Founding Date

aisot, a spin-off startup from ETH Zurich, offers next generation data analytics, forecasts and portfolio optimization products, allowing asset and wealth managers to untap the potential of real-time insights. aisot's artificial intelligence platform allows users to automatically adapt customized strategies and portfolios to fast-changing markets, leveraging next generation technology and datasets to make tools accessible to the broader financial industry. aisot optimizes signals for specific asset classes, intervention time horizons as well as goal functions, allowing clients to enhance returns, reduce risks, and increase efficiency.


  • aisot puts asset and wealth managers ahead of volatile equity and crypto markets with artificial intelligence.

  • Built for digital assets and equities, aisot products allow wealth and asset management professionals to reduce risks and optimize performance.

  • aisot signals are built on latest research in the fields of machine learning, quant finance, natural language processing and predictive analytics.

  • All of aisot’s products are created with institutional standards, focused on usability and quality.