Activist Insight

Founding Date

Activist Insight delivers the most comprehensive data and news service on global activist investing and shareholder activism worldwide. Since 2012, the firm has been the definitive resource on activist investing and corporate governance, differentiating itself across several key areas to satisfy its long-term objective of delivering superior value to its clients. Activist Insight’s streamlined processes and in-house technical expertise combined with their corporate structure deliver information to clients faster than anyone else. The firm is regularly quoted in the financial press and is a trusted source for data in this ever-evolving space. Activist Insight has offices in New York and London, and counts many of the world’s leading investment banks, law firms, shareholder communications firms, hedge funds and institutional investors as its clients.

  • Activist Insight made its entry into the market with an online information product, Activist Insight Online.

  • Activist Insight Monthly, the world’s only monthly magazine dedicated to shareholder activism.

  • Since 2016, Activist Insight has launched three new products: Activist Insight Shorts following the acquisition of Activist Shorts Research to expand its coverage into the growing activist short selling sphere.

  • Activist Insight Vulnerability to assist the assessment of corporate vulnerability to activist investment.

  • Activist Insight Governance, a database of corporate bylaws and directors.

  • The firm specializes in shareholder activism, activist investing, investor relations, corporate governance, business news, board representation, proxy fights, proxy fight, proxy statement, proxy statements, ESG, proxy voting, M&A, and mergers and acquisitions.

Activist Insight Modules

  • Activist Insight Online

  • Activist Insight Governance

  • Activist Insight Vulnerability

  • Activist Insight Shorts

  • Activist Insight Monthly

  • Bespoke Reports