Zacks Premium


Zacks Premium is a great first step in securing your financial future. Offering daily updates of the market, you'll quickly learn which stocks to buy, which to sell, and target today's hottest industries. This premium service provides you with powerful tools and resources that will give you an edge in improving the performance of your portfolio. This interactive tour is the best place to learn how to easily access the benefits now available to you. It is perfect for traders who want to go deeper into analyst predictions. Zacks Premium holds its own for traders looking for new ideas with top stock picks from analysts, analysis of potential earnings surprises, and more detailed stock filters and lists.


Zacks #1 Rank List

This private list is made up of Zacks Rank #1 (Strong Buy) stocks - the top 5% with the most potential. It has more than doubled the S&P 500 with an average gain of +24.6% per year from January 1, 1988 to November 4, 2019. 

Style Scores

These individual Style Scores of A, B, C, D or F for Value, Growth and Momentum are assigned to each stock we cover. This enables you to narrow down the Zacks #1 Rank List to the stocks that best fit your own investing style. You can also find stocks with the best scores across the board using the VGM (Value, Growth, Momentum) Score of A, B, C, D or F. The VGM Score is not just an arithmetical average, but actually a calibrated weighting of each individual style score. Selecting stocks with a Zacks Rank of 1 or 2 and Style Score of A or B can lead to improved performance.

Focus List

The Focus List is a portfolio of 50 top long-term stocks selected by Director of Research Sheraz Mian based on their earnings momentum. Each selection has a comprehensive Equity research Report that details the reasons behind each pick. Plus, every Monday Stock Strategist David Borun will share timely insights on overall market direction, sector allocation and why specific stocks have been added or deleted from the portfolio in the Weekly market Analysis email.

Industry Rank

Use the Zacks Industry Rank to find stocks with the most potential to outperform in the future. It sorts companies into more than 250 industry groups which enables us to calculate the average Zacks Rank for all of the stocks in the industry. Once the top industries are identified, look inside those industries to find the stocks with the highest Zacks Rank. Our research shows that over the last 10 years, the stocks in the top half of industries beat the bottom half by a factor of more than 2 to 1.

Zacks Earnings ESP Filter

Few events move a stock more than an earnings surprise. You can use the Zacks Earnings Expected Surprise Prediction (ESP) Filter to search for stocks to buy beforehand that have the highest probability of positively surprising for profitable earnings season trading. You can also use it to find those stocks to sell before they report that are likely to negatively surprise, or profit by going short before an earnings miss. It's based on the Zacks Earnings ESP metric that has proven to predict earnings with 70% accuracy over a 10-year study using a one-week holding period.

Equity Research Reports

Zacks' Equity Research Reports cover more than 1,000 of the most widely followed stocks. Each report features independent Research from Zacks' analysts and provides in-depth analysis on a company, its fundamentals and its growth prospects to firmly understand why a stock should be bought, held or sold

Zacks Premium Screener

Pick and choose from more than 45 predefined screens strategically created by Zacks to outperform the market. You can screen for the best Zacks Ranked stocks to match your trading style such as Value, Growth, Momentum or Income.