Value Investor’s Edge

Value Investor’s Edge is a top-ranked premium research service providing exclusive quarterly income reviews, including coverage of the preferred equity and bond sectors. It hosts the most comprehensive analytics platform available in the shipping sector, which includes the latest rates, vessel valuations, balance sheet metrics, earnings potential. Strongly dedicated to deep Value, this research service is primarily geared towards long-term investors who are interested in counter-cyclical opportunities.


✓ Exploit market disconnects

Shipping and related maritime sectors, industrials, commodities, energy, and midstream are the primary focus of the Value Investor's Edge platform. 

✓ Weekly previews and regular reports on the shipping industry

James Catlin provides macro analysis on the industry to give vital context to the service's investment analysis and research. This will help you understand both the investment ideas and the big picture around them, so you can know how to best put them into practice.

✓ Earnings previews and reviews on key shipping names

This service covers over 50 different firms in the sector and offers full 'earnings season' preview and review reports so that members are ready for any big moves or opportunities.

✓ Share the best ideas from a team of analysts

This service features regular guest reports from various authors across the spectrum of industries. 

✓ An active chat room to ensure member participation

It features active participation from the majority of  400+ members, so the pool of ideas and insight is deeper and wider than just about anywhere else you can find on the internet