Trailblazer Pro
Trailblazer Pro

Trailblazer Pro introduces a cutting-edge system engineered to focus on market’s most leading industries. This system aims to direct subscribers to the hottest sectors so they can pocket profits when the mainstream money pours in. From penny pot stocks and artificial intelligence to virtual reality, augmented reality, robotics, gene editing, and many more, this premium service covers the best companies in these high-growth industries. Ultimately, this proprietary system, together with Matthew Carr’s market expertise provide unparalleled opportunities for investors to see life-changing gains.


52 Weekly Trailblazer Pro Research Updates

Each week, you’ll see my name in your inbox with your update. I write these in a no BS fashion. No confusing financial terms. Just the critical data and market research you need to make your next potential grand slam investment.

Trailblazer Pro Profit Alerts

This one is simple: It’s time to get paid! You’ll know exactly when it’s time to exit our positions. That way you spend less time thinking about the markets. And MORE time thinking about what you’ll spend any winnings on!

Trailblazer Pro Movement Updates

I watch every stock in our model portfolio carefully – from the moment the bell rings at 9:30 a.m. to the close at 4 p.m. That way you don’t have to! I’ll shoot you updates on how they’re performing so you’ll never be left in the dark.

24/7 Access to the Password-Protected Trailblazer Pro Website

This is the only place in the world you’ll find ALL of my current and past recommendations. We guard it like a vault – that’s how valuable some of these stocks and plays are. At any hour of the day (even if the markets are closed), you can access this and get my latest research.


“The Next 5 Penny Pot Stocks to Make You a Millionaire”

This investment dossier contains EVERYTHING you need. The best five penny pot stocks in the entire world. These are ALL urgent “Buys,” so make sure you open this immediately when I send it to you.

Pot Profit Calendar

This reference reveals the EXACT DAYS you can expect big moves in the cannabis industry.

“The Next 5 Penny Pot Stocks to Make You a Millionaire”

So make sure you keep this near wherever you check your portfolio. You could see HUGE profits on these days!

Monthly Master Class Videos

Since we’re targeting penny pot stocks, my goal is to make sure you know EXACTLY why this industry is poised to be huge. It’s always better to know as much as you can about what you’re investing in. These fun monthly videos will break down the latest trends as I find them, starting with penny pot stocks!

FREE ONLINE ACCESS to Our Next Investment U Conference

We typically like to do these conferences at five-star resorts like the Four Seasons and Ritz-Carlton. Famous investors from around the world come and speak to our Members. We’ve even had Shark Tank investor Daymond John attend in Washington, D.C. recently. So it’s a real “who’s who” kind of function. I want to give you FREE ONLINE ACCESS!