The Social Media MBA Guide to ROI

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The Social Media MBA Guide to ROI: How to Measure and Improve Your Return on Investment

The Social Media MBA Guide to ROI provides help in establishing a thorough social media plan. It teaches you how to examine your goals, audience, and channel strategy, before examining tools and techniques to measure social media metrics and key performance indicators. This book enables the reader to create bespoke ROI metrics and improve the return on activity. Practical, straightforward, and informed by the key principles, this transformative look at ROI will inspire a move away from "likes," "followers," and "mentions" and towards pounds, euros, and dollars.

Praise for The Social Media MBA Guide to ROI

“Measuring the impact of Social Media strategies can be a daunting task. But this book tackles the problems head-on and provides simple and comprehensive approaches. Once through with this book you’ll have nothing left to do but implement the practices documented here. And even more importantly, explain to management why.”

Jared Young, Senior Director, Barclaycard US, Consumer Markets

“This is a book that is really needed to support the social hooked community to convince the not-so-hooked ‘others’. If it can help some of us that are hooked to go from praise to facts when convincing the resistance about the huge opportunities of a wide, ever-changing, and fast use of social, then it is well worth the cost to buy and the time to read the book.”

Olle Hagelin, Senior Manager, Field Data Management, Sony Mobile Communication

“Can you measure the ROI of social media? And if so, how do you choose the right platforms and tools for your business? In this book, Christer shows that measuring ROI for social media is indeed possible. Christer takes you through the strategic planning stage, onto measuring ROI by platform, and finally shares real-life examples of how others have tackled this tricky subject. It’s full of actionable insights and another great book in the MBA series.”

Andy Hill, Social Media Manager, Xerox