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The Oxford Communiqué is one of the best-regarded newsletters in the industry. This monthly publication offers brilliant insights on the market and latest investment ideas that are set to soar. The newsletter is posted to the The Oxford Club’s website in the third week of each month, with a printed version delivered just a week or so later. Since a month can be a lot of time to wait between issues, subscribers also receive email of the weekly Oxford Communiqué Portfolio Update with key information about what’s going on in the portfolios.


Access to all of our model trading portfolios, including the Oxford trading portfolio, the Oxford All-Star portfolio (Value $99) and the Ten-Baggers of Tomorrow portfolio.

Weekly portfolio updates with key new information regarding our recommendations.

Oxford Insight emails with behind-the-scenes intelligence from The Oxford Club team, as well as The Oxford Club’s global network of associates.

Special Investor Reports like “The Secrets of the 401(k),” “The Oxford Club Guide to Gold,” and “23 Cash Rebate Programs Hidden in the Tax Code”.

Password-protected access to the Members-only website, newly designed with a more personalized approach for you.

Personal invitations to our five-star Member events in beautiful locations like Whistler, British Columbia, where we’re holding our next Private Wealth Seminar.

Access to our Pillar One Advisors, including experts in collectibles, real estate, tax law, insurance anaw, insurance and more.


No. 1: “The Single-Stock Retirement Plan: How to Retire on This Obscure $3 Stock” 

This report will explain exactly how to buy the $3 stock – which trades under a secret name. I will show you the steps to buy the real stock at the real price in a regular brokerage account.

No. 2: “The Multimillionaire’s Handbook” 

Our “Multimillionaire’s Handbook” is loaded with secrets that can help you save money – and make more too. All told, we share 41 financial secrets in this free book.

No. 3: “The 10% CD: The Safest Way to Collect Double-Digit Income” 

It offers more than double-digit yields AND it’s backed by a legal contract that protects your principal. All the details are in this special report.

No. 4: Beyond Wealth: The Road Map to a Rich Life 

No. 5: Free HD Video: A Free Set of “The Millionaire-Maker Private Sessions” 

No. 6: “Ten-Baggers of Tomorrow: The Official Portfolio Guide” 

No. 7: “The ‘All-Star Portfolio’ Strategy”