The Little Book That Makes You Rich

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The Little Book That Makes You Rich: A Proven Market-Beating Formula for Growth Investing

The Little Book That Makes You Rich offers a fundamental understanding of how to get rich using the best in growth investing strategies. It shows you how to find stocks that are poised for rapid price increases, regardless of the overall stock market direction. This book also offers the statistical and quantitative measures needed to measure risk and reward along the path to profitable growth stock investing. Accessible and engaging, The Little Book That Makes You Rich outlines an effective approach to building true wealth in today's markets.

Praise for The Little Book That Makes You Rich

"For a numbers guy, Louis has laid out his successful growth stock strategy in an engaging, easy-to-read guide. It isn't often that an investment pro shares his secrets like this and then says 'take it out for a test drive'."
Joe Battipaglia, Chief Investment Officer, Ryan Beck & Co.

"Some twenty years ago, Louis Navellier made one of the most brilliant entries ever recorded into the highly competitive investment letter business. Since then, he has broadened his methodology from ruthlessly quantitative to ruthlessly quantitative plus entertainingly literate. This book is a clear and compelling summary of his systematic approach to stock selection, laced with insights, and anecdotes from a professional at the height of his career."
Peter Brimelow, Columnist, MarketWatch

"The Little Book That Makes You Rich is jam-packed with valuable wisdom and sound strategies and is a must-read for any growth investor. Like The Little Book That Beats the Market before it, it explains complicated financial theory using simple prose."

"This book and Louis Navellier deliver again. As a money manager, author, and wealth advisor, I am perpetually amazed at how accurate Louis' message is and how his philosophies provide consistency in an inconsistent world."
Ken Stern, Managing Director, Ken Stern & Associates

"The Little Book That Makes You Rich imparts great growth stock selection know-how and much more: with one quick read, you learn all of Lou's tried-and-true investment methods that have outperformed the market by nearly four-to-one for more than twenty-seven years!"
Kim and Charles Githler, founders, InterShow