The Fat Tail

Full Name
The Fat Tail: The Power of Political Knowledge in an Uncertain World

The Fat Tail is the first book to both identify the wide range of political risks that global firms face and show investors how to effectively manage them. It reveals that while the world remains exceedingly risky for businesses, it is by no means incomprehensible. More importantly, The Fat Tail provides a wealth of unique methods, tools, and concepts to help corporations, money managers, and policymakers understand political risk, showing when and how political risk analysis works-and when it does not.

Praise for The Fat Tail

"The Fat Tail delivers practical wisdom on the impact of political risk on firms of every description and valuable advice on how to use it. Ian Bremmer and Preston Keat offer innovative thinking and useful insight that will help business decision-makers find fresh answers to questions they may

not yet know they have."

Fareed Zakaria, best-selling author of The Post-American World

"Political risk has become increasingly complex, and The Fat Tail provides a truly new way to quantitatively assess it in established and emerging markets. It is essential reading for any CEO with multinational interests."

Randall Stephenson, Chairman, CEO and President, ATandT Inc.

"Should be essential reading for anyone involved in international business even in places that seem politically stable."

Bill Emmott, Former Editor-in-Chief of The Economist