Selling in Tough Times

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Selling in Tough Times: Secrets to Selling When No One Is Buying

Selling in Tough Times shares a plan to reverse the momentum of tough times and even capitalize on them. With exercises to help you discover previously overlooked opportunities and eliminate waste, along with out-of-the-box methods for recruiting new customers and key tips on how to solidify your existing business, this book gives you powerful ways to spur sales now and for years to come. Cycles will come and go, but the principles of great selling and those who live by them stand firm. Find out how you can achieve your maximum selling potential, whatever the business climate, in Selling in Tough Times today. Part self-help book, part motivational guide, this book provides valuable advice for selling professionals struggling in the current economy as well anyone hoping to emerge from the recession primed for growth.

Hopkins Four Key Practices

  1. Success Is In Who You Know: Effectively working with existing clients to generate new leads for business is crucial

  2. Retaining (and Rewarding) Customers: Excellent service and consistent follow-up ensure happy customers and ongoing success

  3. Reducing Sales Resistance: In tough times, people put off making buying decisions. Help them overcome their fears in order to thrive

  4. Converting Clients from the Competition: With fewer new business start-ups for you to pursue, you need strategies for getting clients to consider you over their current providers

Through Selling in Tough Times, learn how to:

  1. Mine your client list to generate new leads

  2. Keep—and reward—your current customers so that they’re loyal for life

  3. Reduce the sales resistance that plagues tough times with tactics that overcome consumers’ fears

  4. Woo clients from your competition with 12 new strategies specially tailored for tough times

Table of Contents


  1. What a Selling Career Really Is

  2. What Kind of Salesperson Are You?

  3. What Stage of the Cycle Is Your Business in Now? (And What to Do About It)

  4. Going Back to Basics: Where to Begin

  5. Start by Keeping the Business You Have

  6. Success Is in Who You Already Know

  7. How to Quickly Determine If Someone Is an Ideal New Client for You

  8. Reducing Sales Resistance

  9. Converting Clients from the Competition

  10. Closes That Help Clients Overcome Fear

  11. Methods for Cutting Costs While Continuing to Appear Successful

  12. Selling Is Service

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